Ernie  -  Merits

25 BOB
1 x Group-1
4 x Group-2
2 x Group-3
3 x Group-4
2 x Group-5
Nordic Winner 2002
Swedish Winner 2002
Best In Show - Swedish Basenji Specialty 2001 & 2003
SWEDISH BASENJI OF THE YEAR 2001 & 2002 & 2003 & 2004
Invited to Champion of Champions 2003
Group-winner in New Zeeland
 International Champion

 What a couple of judges has said about our "Ernie"

"Overall this is a very typical Basenji. Lovely balance. Good topline and tailset. Beautiful head and expression. Moves as just a Basenji should."
Jacklyn Hungerland, USA

"Very nice type of dog. Excellent balance. Good wedgeshaped head. Attractive head, especially when he uses his ears. Clean bone. Ideal balance between body- and leg-length. Nice tuck-up. Stepped out well. Good tailcurl and -set"
Glenway Dymock, Australien

"Very stylish with a lovely square appearence. Good head but would like a little more wrinkle. Good topline on a well balanced dog who moved extremely well."
John Forbes, Australien

"Built in balance. Lovely head and expression. Very nice ears. Even front. Well rounded torso. Level topline. Correct tail. Good quarters. Correct movements."
Seigfrid Peters, Tyskland

"Outstanding male. Great in type, size, proportions and temperament. Breathtaking side movements, just a bit close behind. A copy book coat. Great condition and handling."
Janusz Opara, Polen