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Wamba's N'Boogi Woogi

born. 1990-12-09

breeder. Bittan Andersson-Frindberg, Vikbolandet
owner. Ulrika Johanson, Värmdö

Ida was our first Basenji. She is a lady with very strong will and was a perfect leader for our little pack when she was younger.

She never cared much for shows. Her favorite things to do was long walks and lure coursing. But of course, best of all was a warm bed under the blankets!

Ida got one litter, with our own male Totte. Follow the link above to read more about it.

Ida moved to our dear friend Ulrika Johanson and her family in Januari 2001. The reason for this was that our bitches could'nt get along any more and we chose to let her move to Ulrika and her three Basenji-males Ville, Bashiri and Nafasi. BIG THANK YOU Ulrika for giving our beloved old lady such wonderful last couple of years! At the age of 14, Ida is still going strong and we hope she will stay with us some more time.

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