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Nordic Ch Wamba's N'Lone Star

born. 1992-08-20

breeder. Bittan Andersson-Frindberg, Vikbolandet, Sweden
owner. Ulla Nord, Leimen-Ochsenbach, Germany

Jonna is a real "lady". She hates water and refuses to go out when it rains. But if she gets sent of anything to hunt, she forgets everything... She is a very competent hunter! Do we have to say that she loves lure coursing?! But Jonnas favorite thing is to sleep under the covers in the bed but long walks in the woods are popular too. She had her only litter 1994, follow the link above to read more about it.

In Januari 2001, Jonna moved to our dear friend Ulla Nord and her family at Ingarö outside Stockholm. The reason for this was that Jonna and Kajsa, who had earlier been the best of friends, had a big fight and never really got along after that. We tried to solv it for months and months but at the end, it just didn't work out. With heavy hearts, we decided to try to find another solution and when we talked to Ulla about this, things just solved it self. Ullas Basenji male Moses needed company and what could be better than an older bitch! Her and Moses knew eachother from before and they got along just fine right from the start. Some time after Jonna moved in, Ulla and her family moved to Germany and Jonna, of course, followed them there. BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Ulla, Claes and Alexandra for giving Jonna such a wonderful home!!!

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