Swe & Norw Ch NordicW-87 Nalinas Lan-Ce

1982-12-17 -- 1994-10-03

( Ulvus Josh White  x   Int & Nordic Ch Nalinas Hal-A-Li )
Breeder: Agneta Reis, Norrtälje, Sweden

Persson was my first own dog. She came to us when she was one year old after that my aunt Agneta got her back due to a divorce. Persson became my best friend and we were together almost all the time. She was the one who introduced me to the "show-world" and she is one reason for me being who I am today.

Persson got three litters at Agnetas kennel, one bitch and the rest males.... Unfortunately, she was later discovered to be a PRA-carrier so none of her offspring has been used for breeding as far as I know.

She was shown with rather big success. Her best results was BOB and BIS-2 at our Specialty in 1985. I think she would have been considered too big today, she was far from tiny, but especially the English breedspecialists liked her a lot!

At the age of twelve, Persson was put down due to cancer.

Thank you for our time together! I really miss you Persson and I do hope we get to meet one day and th Rainbow Bridge!


BIS-2 på LA-TS Special 1985, visad av en 16-årig Lotten