Domewood Tiggatoo

1994-12-04 -- 1998-04-08

( Kibushi Bukavu Forest Tiger of Domewood  x
Sirius Khamsin Hello My Lady of Domewood )
Breeder: Mrs E.A.Bowers, England

Totte, our beloved little boy. He came to us from England in March 1995 as Swedens first brindle Basenji. He was a very insecure puppie but it got better as he aged. He did have a hard time with strangers though and he never liked shows. But at home with his family, he was a real sweetheart!

Totte had one litter with our own "Ida" (Wamba's N'Boogi Woogi). Unfortunately, he inherited his unsecure personality and today, only one of the two male puppies in the litter is alive.

Unfortunately, everything got worse when we moved. At last we had to make the very very hard decision to have him but down and in April 1998 he went to the dog heaven.

We really miss you Totte and hope
to meet you again some day...

Lotten & Tomas